Looking for a healthy and simple fish recipe to cook? I have just the dish for you – Chilli Fish. You and your family, friends, neighbours, friends and frienemies will have to agree, this dish rocks! My family and I loooove to KIS ?. And this is not a spelling mistake. In fact, we like 

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My_Yoga_Experience_at_Byron_Bay _Yoga_Yoga_Centre

  Through the years, yoga has become an integral part of my life. Although yoga holds many physical health benefits including increasing flexibility, increasing strength and even help make our blood vessels and arteries more subtle, I find that to me, yoga is more about clearing my head space than anything else. I find that 

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Wake Up Call – Nutrition Tips to Fight Fatigue

Struggling keeping your energy levels up? Experiencing that mid afternoon energy slump? Read my latest published article in the Gold Coast Bulletin (Gold Coast Eye Magazine 14/11/15) and learn about ways to increase and sustain your energy levels throughout your day.

Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Read my article published in the Gold Cost Bulletin (Gold Coast Eye Magazine) on 24/10/15. Please feel free to share with anyone you know who is pregnant or planning to fall pregnant as these tips can assist making a pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience.

Iridology and Female Hormones

I find Iridology fascinating!  Here’s my latest article in the October/November 2015 issue of the beautiful PROVOKE magazine. Learn how to look into your own eyes and recognize ways to bring more balance to your hormones and your body. Get a copy of this issue at news agencies or download the entire magazine right here for free, follow 

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Read my latest article in the brand new Women’s Magazine, Provoke. Use this link to read the whole August/September 2015 issue:  

Check out Maya’s latest interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin. Read about healthy ways to help prevent and treat children’s colds and flus this winter. 


Check out Maya’s latest article published in the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Gold Coast Eye Magazine 21/3/15. Enjoy the simple food tips to help feed fussy toddlers and children .

check out Maya’s latest article published in the Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin’s Gold Coast Eye Magazine on 7/3/15